Source Basic

2 full experiential days to the basic concepts of Source-Breathwork with processes , exercises and teachings to deepen your process or get initiated and guided into the transformative power of Source-Breathwork.It is for people who have completed their 10 sessions and want to deepen their process and for people who want to have a thorough and experiential introduction to Source-Breathwork and make a leap in their transformation. It is also part of the training to become a Source-Breathwork Guide.Self-investigation-tools are offered so you can keep translating the work to your daily life and enjoy the effects .This seminar will also offer 2 breathwork-sessions,personal processing,specific creative body-work that complements the work and the power of the group.The basics of breathwork is taught in this seminar by Shanti Devi (and possibly an assistant). Receive a 10% discount for early registration till 1 month in advance of start training.

Source Intensive

A daring intensive training of 7 days on a breathtaking location in which we will do breathwork-sessions in cold and hot water to clear the specifics related to those groundbreaking processes.

Body-mastery , art of processing the mind , teachings on specific births , heart-technology ,awakening body-intelligence ,giving and receiving,rejuvenation through breath and water, intrinsic of the scope of breath, and learning about your own dynamics , patterns & energy that can affect you in all areas of life and clearing what is needed, are amongst other important processes part of this Intensive that give you the possibility to touch unexplored depths of yourself in an experiential way and literally plunge into them in a safe environment. The intensive will serve you with lasting tools to walk your own path with heart. Source-Basic is the preliminary course to this training as this Intensive contains advanced Source-Breathwork content also because of the breathing with snorkel and nose clip under water as very strong and effective tools which need some experience and clearing in advance. It is very powerful to do this training at natural thermal waters as that cleans our connection to Source itself! Certification is offered for this training as part of the Source-Breathwork Guide Training.

prices: 1500,- euro including stay and food.


A 2 day seminar to complete your training as a Source-Breathwork Guide next to completing all the prerequisites before complete certification.This seminar gives you skills and know-how on how to run your own practice, learn to deal with things you might encounter, clear specific negatives around flow , abundance and trust.Enhancing skills and support to your birth into being an excellent and unique Source-Breathwork-Guide. Orientation on your specialisation and last but not least certification of Completion.

Source Corporate

A 3 hour intensive, energizing , safe and compressed Upload in Source-Breathwork for small or big corporate groups providing a group-breathwork experience. During this ”mini-seminar” one will actually experience a breathwork-journey and learn about the basics of and the power of breath in communication , clear any specific negatives to your full potential and specifically directed at learning how to relax , trust & Upload of basics in breathwork that have proven to be very effective to management. As a one time introduction it can be a very liberating and spectacular experience to bring creative decision-making people into their body and clear their resistances to being in flow. Attendees have a lasting special connection with each other due to this experience in their group . This connection is what Source-Breathwork and business is all about : building loving relations. Ofcourse more sessions is always most beneficial to keep breathing life in business!

3 hours for groups of 6 – 30 people ,just 1 seminar leader plus a possible assistant . Above 30 , we will need more assistants  to deliver the highest quality and safety.