“Shanti is a professional with a heart. She guided me through my soul with great respect for my being. With her creativity she guided me light as a feather and strong as gold to my inner silence.” January 11, 2010 Inge Schouman

“Shanti is an amazing Source-Breathwork Guide. She gets through to core issues en helps you transform them.” January 5, 2010 Barbara Rink , Artist,Life-Coach , Barbara Rink

“Shanti has guided me through several breathing sessions and each time it felt like a trip into the uncharted, a deep dive deep into my core-self. She personifies an excellent mix of expertise and ancient wisdom and is shaman, personal coach and wild sister to me at once. And with her divine dog Lakshmi lying next to my body during the session, I feel truly protected.” February 9, 201 o –suzanne Ohmann

“Shanti is a shining light in the darkness for us souls that need rebirthing…she breathes us back to life 🙂 bless her.” January 22, 2010 Aljai Singh

“Shanti is a leader in her own right. She’s innovative, daring, all out there with a no nonsense approach to life. She very direct and can cut through the chase; no drama and lots of joy and enthusiasm. But above all it is her love and her commitment to the work that makes her an inspiration to others. Put in just a few words: Shanti is a treasure! I absolutely recommend Shanti without any reservations. She is an enormous source of inspiration to me as well. Blessings” January 21, 2010 Robert Tettero , Founder , Manna Life Transformation
worked directly with Shanti at Source-Breathwork

“I did the breathwork with Shanti on recommendation from a friend during my stay in India. Then again in the Netherlands. With a lot of experience and solid knowledge, Shanti will make you believe in yourself, your own power. Thanks, Shanti” January 8, 2010 Irina Pushkina

“At the Fashion Institute Arnhem I have hired Shanti every year for a very intensive workshop for a week on breathing techniques and free-flow – creativity . Although I was VERY sceptical at first, I now know how to value the techniques the students (and myself) have learned during these workshops. She is fun to be with, high energy and has a very positive attitude towards others and is sharp when needed.She has been teaching at FIA for 10 years” January 7, 2010 Roel Ruyten

“Doing Breathwork- sessions with Shanti is a unique experience. The guidance she offers is outstanding. Everything is done to make you comfortable and secure during the experience. I know I will be going back for more.” January 7, 2010 Neil Nicols-Nisco

“She is simply one of the best breath-workers.” January 6, 2010 Gea Schoenmakers

“When I visited Amsterdam , Shanti and I connected mystically! I went through a rebirthing session with her and I must say it was a life time experience…..She is very committed to this process and made me feel very comfortable…..Her vibrant energy is more than enough to motivate her client to relax…..Though I had only one session, it helped me accelerate my healing process…..I look fwd to more in the future” May 2, 2009 Puneeta Birring , Wellness coach , Nisbat