Shanti Devi

Shanti Devi is half dutch, half indian and an experienced, no-nonsense powerful breathwork-guide and multiversal teacher, trained by ‘mother of rebirthing’ Sondra Ray and Robert Jayd. Apart from extensive experience in body-, emotional- and sensory-work due to her rigorous training in physical theatre in India and the Netherlands.

She uses body-intelligence , energizing movements from the toltec-lineage and many other techniques she has learned from a very young age through extensive travel and trainings with a multitude of teachers to treat people with love in her own uniquely developed approach always tailoring to the present moment.

She is specialized in working with women and loves to breathe with people underwater in natural springs. She has been teaching for 10 years at the Fashion Institute in Amsterdam and has led many big groups with ArtinRhythm, teaching communication through music for corporate companies in Europe and did many different film, theatre and television productions while she was also traveling the world and breathing a very varied group of international students in breathwork such as young fashion designers and the Masai in Tanzania.