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What is Source-breathwork?
Source-Breathwork is a journey for the heart unique to everyone . We offer individual and group sessions , trainings and journeys in different countries and continents on request. Only by participating in such individual breathwork sessions, group sessions or the Source-Basic course can one actually discover the many benefits in this work of Source and Science of breath. We have initiated Source-Breathwork – communities in India , Europe and Tanzania.
This means people are now using this breathwork discipline in support of each other’s process independently while still connected to the dynamic mothership that Source-Breathwork is.
We also train people to become certified high-quality Source-Guides.
Especially in these times,where just taking a Breath is forgotten… the Breath was and is used by many different ancient cultures as a means to enter another consciousness-level while staying aware in the present moment. In Source – Breathwork we use a deeply transformative yet gentle breathing discipline,whereby the inhale and exhale are connected and you are guided into a soft and rhythmic flow.

In individual sessions tools and personal exercises from your Source-Guide are provided to translate the breathing process to your daily life.

Source-Breathwork is used to restore your natural breathing and helps to

Release toxins ,expand your awareness , rejuvenate your organs and cells , clear birth-trauma and unconscious / conscious patterns ,dissolve chronic pains , fears and insecurities is a regular side-effect and some just come for the joy of it!

Source-Breathwork also has a high quality network of specialists and teachers tested for your benefit in different parts of the world to assist you in your process. Since we all experienced birth and experiences that had impact on us later ,we carry lymbic imprints which influence our daily behaviors without even knowing it. The mastery of Breath serves to decode and release our negative lymbic imprints. So you can feel at ease with yourself and feel free  and be creative in your own path.
A completion-cycle of 10 sessions is recommended out of which 1 or 2 will be underwater to clear the main issues, but one session can also be immensely valuable as a freeing and unique experience . An individual session can take from 1,5 hour to 2,5 hours approximately.

One can also attend group-sessions after an individual session. The first individual session is always a longer session for which you need  to write us a mail so we can send you a questionnaire  before you  come. At the first session you will receive an Upload of the basic principles of this Breathwork and specifics relevant to you

The trainings facilitate your deepening into the process in the breath and give a great wealth of practical information such as ‘the art of processing the mind’ , clarity on relationship dynamics, in depth schooling on the birth-specifics, clearing your personal lie, self-enquiry etc.These trainings use many different vital processes and disciplines to support the breathwork and can increase your frequency and awareness!We advise the introductory training called Source-Basic first. See trainings.It is to what extent you wish to take this work, it is a personal endevour on a path with heart.

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